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5 Weekend Projects to Improve Your Home’s Value

When it comes to staging and then selling your La Jolla home, to save money, a few simple improvements are all you need. With a few nips and tucks you can add value to your home, but first begin by making a project list and on weekends, make them your goal. A few suggestions for the interior of your La Jolla home improvements, can entail the following:

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by In Details Interiors

1. Cabinet Sprucing:

Kitchen cabinets are a focal point and an upgrade will make them look great. No, you don’t need to have them refaced, just use a touch of paint and decorative knobs. Light neutral colors always work best in any kitchen design. Darker colors work very well in large kitchens with height. Change out your cabinet handles and knobs with decorative additions that include brushed nickel, ceramics and glass.

2. Paint The Living Room and Bedroom:

Purchase paint to cover those aging dull colors on the wall of the living room and the bedrooms. Brightening up these rooms adds a fresh new look and value to the interior of any home. People want to envision their own color scheme to these rooms, therefore, stay with light toned paints, such as off white, taupe, light blues or soft grey. Staging a room with light coloring opens up a room and gives it an appearance of being larger than it is.

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by Rivertown Homes by Design

3. Bathroom Touches:

To spruce up this room is an easy weekend project to accomplish before potential buyers arrive. Accessorize the simple things in the bathroom which will help make it look neat and clean. Update your shower rod and rings with a little flair and buy a new colorful shower curtain. If you don’t have a towel rack, invest in one, they are easy to install and then buy a set of matching towels. There are beautiful matching counter accessories such as toothbrush holder and soap dish that add a touch of elegance.

Now, let’s stage the exterior of your La Jolla home with the following suggestions:

4. Paint and Trim:

Entice buyers to your home because they saw it from the curbside. Trim any plants and shrubs from around the house, remove clutter from the front lawn and keep the grass mowed. If you have a fence around your La Jolla home, make sure it looks well maintained. Paint the front door and update the door knob with color or a unique design. Paint the window edges and if you have a screened in front porch, a little paint can go a long way to bring buyers to your door. Power wash the house, the walkway and the driveway.

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by De Santana Handcarved Stone

5. Floral Landscaping:

Using plants and flowers is always an enticing feature which doesn’t cost a lot of money. Local stores have inexpensive flowers that can be kept in their original pots and planted quickly into the ground. Dollar stores carry good looking artificial flowers, which can be arranged and placed around the yard, walkway or hanging from decorative poles.

Mini-Selling Touch-ups

Many little updates within the home and outside of your home will save you money, yet help your home to sell. Other interior ideas involve buying new window curtains, bed coverings, area rugs or update light switches. Keep your walls free from a montage of family pictures and wall decorations. These little investments are valuable to the seller, no matter how long it takes. The fresh updates help to ensure that the money you spent in refreshing your California home is of value in the end.

If you’ve been considering selling your home in La Jolla and want to know what it might be worth, use our free estimator (see banner below) or feel free to contact us today (click here).

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