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A Few Simple Ways to Enhance Your View

A home with a beautiful view is well worth the investment for so many reasons. The tranquility of watching rolling ocean waves and white beaches, the high resale value and the opportunity for additional income should you decide to rent out your property all make homes with a view more valuable. So, how do you enhance your view?

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Before You Buy

The first steps to enhancing your view should be taken before you purchase. Inspect the property carefully paying particular attention to trees and other foliage. You should look for any trees that are currently obstructing the view. It is also important to remember that trees are often trimmed prior to a home sale for the best effect, so look for trees that may grow large enough to obstruct the view in the future. If these are present, you will want to confirm that these trees are on your property so that you can trim them in the future to maintain your views. If they are on neighboring property it is not likely they will be trimmed for you.

It is also important to check with local government entities to determine which trees – and how many – can be cut. You may find that only a certain percentage can be removed. It would be discouraging to buy a property that has a potential view only to learn the trees obstructing it cannot be moved.

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Enhancing the View

If you already live in a home with a view, it is important to preserve it. Walk around the home. Choose the windows that are most important in terms of view. For instance, if you have a lovely bay window in the dining room that faces the beach, that may be an excellent starting point. Determine whether there are any objects blocking the view, such as trees. It is important not to simply remove trees. Careful pruning should be used on these trees to create a window to the ocean. The easiest time for pruning is in the spring when branches are bare. An arborist or trained tree-trimmer can help create the desired effect.

From within your home, you don’t want to have your curtains subtracting from your view either. These can block natural light and make the house seem darker than it really is (a big selling detractor). Our advice — pull back the curtains, remove any clutter from the windowsills, and let nature paint its own picture. With this, you can increase your potential home’s value and sell for a higher listing price.

Selling a Home With a View

When selling a home with a view, make sure to trim the trees as carefully as you would for your own view. Cutting down more trees may save time, but may actually work against you. Many buyers want to preserve trees on purchased land, so working with an experienced tree-trimmer is the best option to preserve both foliage and views.

Finally, make those views a focal point! Adding a set of sheer or semi-sheer curtains during a home showing can let the light in and highlight the lovely view as it is intended to be seen. To see what your home is worth and get started on the selling path, click the banner below:

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