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Best Places to Surf around La Jolla, CA

La Jolla and the San Diego surfing community love riding the waves from sunup to sundown. The San Diego beachfront communities provide year round weather for surfing. The oceans and reefs, which help to make up surfing conditions, create special conditions over the ocean that form the ideal surf conditions of wind speed, fetch, and wind duration. La Jolla and San Diego surfing enthusiasts don’t worry when there is a cloudy day, because this environment allows surfers great waves to accelerate. Surfing boards are categorized as short-boards for quick turns and maneuvers, long-boards for gliding and carving, and the long narrow gun boards for the large swells and hollow tubes.

Surfing in La Jolla

La Jolla and Windansea:

La Jolla is a perfect location for surfers due to its diverse reefs and beaches, which share and enjoy similar surf line conditions. Windansea is a part of the La Jolla community, which surfers flock to because of surfs that can reach as high as 8 feet. Windansea is within walking distance and just south of La Jolla. Its reefs create amazing conditions that challenge experienced surfers. Windansea has drawn surfers to its shores from around the world to surf next to the La Jolla locals, all of whom understand the tides. In addition to Windansea Beach, other La Jolla surfing beaches encompass Black’s Beach, Boomer Beach, and Whispering Sands. The La Jolla Shores is San Diego County’s most popular environment for beginners surfers.

La Jolla real estate is like an alluring European community, especially for its gorgeous beachfront properties. The seaside cliffs of La Jolla is the perfect real estate location for perfect ocean views and those light night breezes. Prospective home buyers will love living in near paradise when they buy in the La Jolla communities. The real estate market at present is strong and stable in La Jolla. The most attractive properties within La Jolla features downtown and beachfront condos, modern single family homes, and luxury apartments. The La Jolla school districts are one the nation’s top-rated scholastic successes.

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Del Mar:

The Del Mar wave conditions gives surfers year round broad swells and great rides. Del Mar’s location gives surfers good swells from every direction. This diversity gives surfers year round waves from its rock bottom reefs, sandbar tides, and reef outcroppings. The varying conditions of the Del Mar beaches gives surfers lots of room to open up anywhere along its coastline. Professional surfers enjoy the San Dieguito River location, where it conjoins with the Pacific Ocean. Del Mar provides reliable surfing conditions at any of its beach locations.

If you want the best in beachfront real estate, Del Mar has everything from a great educational system to the finest beach front properties in California. The architectural structure of its homes are varied in design due to their top named architects. Homes are available from customized dwellings, single family homes, luxury condominiums and townhomes. Del Mar has unique attractions that draw visitors from around the world to its shores.

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Point Loma:

Surfing within the Point Loma beaches, like Sunset Cliffs, is surfing in varied swells and wave directions. Point Loma is a reefy beach area with southwest swells and varying winds, but especially better winds from the northwest. Point Loma will not disappoint experienced surfers, no matter when you come to its shores. Continual surfs are always in motion with distant groundswells. Point Loma is a uniquely beautiful peninsula, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, the San Diego Bay, and the San Diego River.

Due to the amazing scenery provided by Point Loma, the neighborhood is considered prime real estate. Potential homeowners and current residents enjoy azure oceans from elegant cliffside dwellings and oceanfront condos, vacation homes, single family homes and many other customized structures. Education is provided among the top rated schools within California and the nation. There are a number of private schools, public schools and the Point Loma Nazarene University.

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