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Easy Tips for Hanging Holiday Lights Around Your La Jolla, CA Home

Christmas is a fun time of the year that allows you to show off your holiday spirit and share it with others. One way to show off your holiday spirit is by hanging holiday lights around your La Jolla, CA home. To help you get started, here a few tips and suggestions to keep in mind when planning your light display:

La Jolla CA Home Holiday Lights
by Christmas Lights, Etc

Tips for Hanging Outdoor Lights

The exterior of your home and the surrounding yard space provide a wonderful blank canvas for Christmas lights. There are many different lighting options available and with a little creativity you can transform your home to exude the spirit of the holidays. Favorite places to hang lights outside include the area around your windows, driveway, on the roof, and in bushes/trees.

Your first steps to hanging holiday lights should be basic preparation such as gathering supplies and testing the lights. The last thing you want is to hang all your lights and find out that some don’t work. Always plug them and check to see if the lights work. When hanging lights outside, make sure to get some clips or adhesives to hang them with. These will ease the process.

When hanging lights in trees, start from the top and work your way down. Net lights are perfect for bushes and you can easily wrap strands around your front porch. Be sure not to attach more than 3 strands together, as this could be a problem if an electrical surge happens.

Tips for Hanging Lights Indoors

If you want to take your festive actions even further, hang holiday lights inside your home. You will need Christmas lights, extension cords, and an adhesive or connector that won’t harm walls or woods. Examples of places to hang interior lights include railings, around windows, along mantels, and on a Christmas tree or wreath. Safe hanging options that are less likely to harm anything are tacks, double sided tape, and twist ties.

When hanging lights from a Christmas tree, start at the top of the tree and work your way down. For any object that only needs a small strand of lights, choose a battery operated option. This will keep you from having to drag an extension cord as a power source.

Decorating Your La Jolla, CA Home This Holiday

Christmas is the time of year that lets you display your holiday spirit. Get in the mood for the holidays by decorating your home in La Jolla, California and spread Christmas cheer. Use these tips as guidelines for successfully hanging both exterior and interior Christmas lights. Get the whole family involved and have fun with this project. Decorating your home for Christmas can become an enjoyable yearly tradition.

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