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What to Expect After Listing Your Home for Sale in La Jolla, CA

You just made the big move. You signed that listing agreement with your La Jolla real estate agent. Now, your home is going on the market. What should you expect going forward? In many ways, selling a home is akin to remodeling one. Like remodeling, home selling often takes time and a little extra work to get it sold. Fortunately, at the end of the process most sellers look back and say it was well worth all the effort. Here’s what you can expect once you list your home for sale in La Jolla:

6102 Camino De La Costa Home for Sale

From MLS To Lockbox

The first thing that your agent will likely do before the ink dries on the listing agreement is to get your home on the La Jolla Multiple Listing Service (MLS). This step is key, because a MLS listing lets all the other agents know that your home is on the market.

You’ll typically see a lockbox affixed to the front door in short order as well. This enables any agent to show a prospective buyer the home, even when you are absent. It also saves agents valuable time. Without a lockbox arrangement, a buyer’s agent has to call your agent, who in turn must call you to coordinate a time for a visit. In the fast-paced world of residential real estate sales, this is to tedious of a process for most in the business. The lockbox also provides a sense of security as it keeps your home locked and only accessible to licensed agents.

Open Houses, Not One, But Two

Your realtor will usually hold two open houses as quickly as possible. This means that they will be asking you to do a variety of touch-ups and clean-ups as expeditiously as possible. There’s some pressure, but at this early stage the adrenalin-rush that most feel carries them through. Interested agents in the La Jolla area will attend the brokers’ open house that happens on a weekday.

The other open house is for possible buyers, and it is commonly held on a Sunday. It’s usually better for you to be absent when these open houses occur, because both agents and buyers will want the freedom to look around and critique things at will. If you have to be home during an open house, try to at least be outside most of the time.


Buyers’ Behavior Patterns in La Jolla, CA

Most potential buyers will be alerted by their agents as your home comes on the market. Buyers in this initial wave will typically not dawdle. They know others might be competing for a home that’s just been listed. After the first two or three weeks, interest will usually quell to a degree. Don’t be concerned, as others will continue to enter the market as potential buyers. The average days on the market (DOM) for single family homes is usually about 60-90 days in time of relatively normal market conditions.

Hopefully, you’ll see one or more buyers come back a second or a third time. Push your agent to be in communication with the agents of such parties. Hopefully, one or more of these buyers will make offers. Even if an offer is a “lowball” one, it can be worthwhile. Any offer gets negotiations going, and sales often have a way of emerging from such negotiations.

A Clean Home, Ready To Show

Keeping your house spotless, especially if you have pets and kids, can be one of the most stressful elements in selling your home. It’s always important to realize that buyers are trying to visualize what it would be like to live there. If their vision is impeded by scattered toys and dishes in the sink, they may lose interest. Try your best to keep your home free of clutter and mess. A properly staged home has a higher chance of selling than a one that isn’t. To see how you can stage your home, contact us today!

Sales Strategies May Change

Sellers often “hit the wall,” perhaps six weeks into the process. If an offer has not been accepted by then, panic sometimes sets in. It is no time to panic, but it can be the time to review pricing with your agent. Perhaps an adjustment is called for. Also, there might be more things that can be done to enhance the visual appeal of the property. Maybe it’s time to “really” clean the garage. Or, perhaps the time has come to re-paint a room or two in more neutral, inviting colors.

Finally, knowing what to anticipate as you sign that listing agreement can make the whole process a great deal more palatable. Knowing what to expect, step-by-step, should ease the stress of selling your home.

Selling Your La Jolla, CA Home

If you’d like more information about selling your home, don’t hesitate to contact us or read our free home seller’s eBook:

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