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Forget Regular Surfing! Try Riding Bioluminescent Waves

Almost every California beach can boast of great waves, sandy adventures, and amazing experiences, but you’ve probably haven’t ever surfed bioluminescent waves off the coast of La Jolla and San Diego. During a few rare times each year, surfers and residents might get the chance to experience this phenomenon and see something that appears out of the world. For a better picture of what unique experience La Jolla offers, watch the following video:


What Causes the Water to Glow Like That?

On rare events, Phytoplankton (tiny, plant-like organisms that live in the ocean) will form a “Red Tide.” By day, you can see a large build-up of the plankton, as the water appears reddish-brown. However, by night they give a different appearance. As an instinctive ward to predators, the cells in the phytoplankton produce a chemical reaction that creates a soft, blue-green glow. As you can see in the video provided by Loghan Call, it looks like tons of lightning bugs lighting the water.

For more La Jolla bioluminescent events, check out these videos:


Living in La Jolla, CA

Still looking for a unique experience? Bioluminescent surfing is only one characteristic that has made the La Jolla area truly unique and entertaining. If you’d like to know more about the area, feel free to contact us or search our current home listings on the market:

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