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Simple Halloween Decor Ideas

Perched on one of the most beautiful strip of coast in the country, La Jolla, CA basks in year round sunshine. Even on the coldest days, beautiful La Jolla stays in the 50’s and 60’s. Trick or treaters don’t have to worry about snow suits and gloves over their carefully planned costumes and parents can decorate their yards in complete Halloween glory without worry of inclement weather.

La Jolla Halloween
Photo by Sarah Ackerman

DIY Fright Night

You don’t have to crouch behind a bush in an uncomfortable rubber mask to make your walkway scary. A little bit of creativity and fun will make your house the scariest on the block without being cheesy. Scatter life size figures throughout your yard, tucked into bushes or half buried under mounds of dirt if you really want to get motivated. The less obvious the monsters and ghouls are, the scarier they’re going to be. Try to minimize bright lighting other than the porch light. Strategically placed lighting along the walkway or scattered throughout the lawn will make trick or treaters creep carefully through your haunted yard. Having to squint to see what that looming shadow is is much more frightening than having the yard lit up like a summer baseball game.

Keep It Kid Friendly

Don’t have the heart to send the costumed kiddos running scared? There are lots of fun ways to keep it fun for the kids but still have fun decorating your house and yard. Incorporating La Jolla’s beach culture ensures your house has a one of a kind display that no other neighbors are going to be able to replicate. Instead of leaves, use beach sand to create a beach themed jack o’lantern party. Prop a beach umbrella up over the pumpkins, perhaps even incorporating a boogie board or surf board in with your pumpkins. Line your walkway with glowing jack o’lanterns making silly faces and hang some smiling ghosts from your trees.

Autumn Flare

You can certainly decorate your yard for the season to incorporate more of a seasonal theme. Even though La Jolla doesn’t have a traditionally chilly fall or mounds of fallen leaves, sometimes it’s nice to pretend. Whole pumpkins and bales of hay remind visitors of cool hayrides on the way to the pumpkin patch. Artfully displayed gourds, multi-colored ears of corn and miniature pumpkins in apple picking baskets around your front door will brighten up the entryway all throughout the fall.

There are many ways to decorate your home in a fun and funky manner. Halloween doesn’t always have to mean ghosts, chainsaw-wielding serial killers and plastic spiders hanging from porch railings. A little creativity goes a long way when it comes to Halloween and with these tips you are well on your way to having the most Halloween friendly house on the block.

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