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How to Sell Your Home Quickly in La Jolla, CA

La Jolla, California is a beautiful neighborhood located on the hilly seaside of San Diego. Homes typically sell fast in this area due to the many amenities that are available in La Jolla and San Diego. Any home that is situated near the coast is sure to attract a good number of potential buyers who have been searching for a home located near the shore.

If you live in the La Jolla area and you are interested in selling your home as quickly as possible, you should follow these steps in order to complete your sale in a record amount of time.

La Jolla CA Home for Sale

Present a Unique Listing that Buyers are Drawn To

If there are several homes for sale in your neighborhood that are similar to your own, you are going to have to deal with competition right off the bat. In order to sell your home before anyone else in your community you must present your home in a unique way that sets it apart from your neighbors. Add some custom features such as new landscaping, high-grade windows, new luxury style doors, or a brand new roof. While your main goal is to make your home stand out, you do not want to make changes that are so impractical that they turn away buyers. Learn about the most popular home renovations and add improvements to your home that the majority of buyers in La Jolla are seeking.

Make Your Home Sparkle

There will be several photos taken of the interior and exterior of your home that will be placed on your real estate agent’s website. You want your home to look as presentable as possible in order to sell it quickly. Clean your home from top to bottom and remove any personal items such as family photos or mementos from the walls or shelves. Present the home in a way so that it doesn’t look like it has ever been lived in. Buyers want to imagine themselves living there, so eliminating all personal belongings will help them get the perfect vision. Removing everything from the living room area or kitchen will help the rooms look larger. You may need to temporarily place your belongings in storage while your home is on the market, but it will be worth the extra cost when you are able to sell quickly. Plus, the sooner you are able to get your home in “move-in” condition, the faster it will sell.

Improve Your Property’s Curb Appeal

Be sure to keep the lawn in great shape as well by keeping the grass trimmed and tending to any plants and flowers out front. If you have a large front or back yard you may want to hire a professional landscaper to add more flair to your yard by planting new decorative trees and shrubs, adding colorful rose bushes or other flowers, or redesigning the backyard patio. If you have already moved to your new location, hire someone to mow the lawn during the summer months and keep the leaves out of the yard in the fall. This will help to present your property to buyers in an attractive matter.

Getting your home sold in a short amount of time does not have to be an impossible feat. However you may have to make a few sacrifices in order to get the job done. You may have to move out of your home faster than you had originally planned if your property sells before you find a new place to live. You should plan on staying with relatives or renting a home until you are able to make a new home purchase. Also keep in mind that in order to sell fast, many home owners must take less than their original asking price. Be sure to consider which scenario is most important to you, selling fast or getting the most amount of money possible, before you sign the final papers.

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