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I Want to Sell My Home. How Do I Get Started?

The National Association of Realtors have reported that people who have purchased homes across the United States jumped to a 6 year high. La Jolla’s signed contracts for homes have also risen. Selling your home in this real estate environment only requires a few direct actions.

Sell Your Home With A La Jolla Realtor

If you are not selling your home on your own, then the first step is to secure a knowledgeable La Jolla real estate agent. Finding the right licensed agent will require a little research, but first get recommendations from friends, neighbors, and family members. It is important to find a La Jolla realtor who understands the California market and has the experience to help you navigate the system. The benefits of using a La Jolla real estate agent includes their local knowledge of the market and their expertise in getting your house sold. He’ll know how to price your home for sale.

Selling Price Incentives

An attractive selling price is the first feature that a potential buyer will notice. You must be willing to negotiate the selling price. If your home matches the other homes in your neighborhood, then your asking price must be comparable or you can set the price a little lower. However, if your home has more amenities than those around you, then you should set your asking price a little higher. Whether you are selling your home in Lower/Upper Hermosa or in La Jolla Alta, setting your selling price just a few thousand dollars off will definitely get the attention of buyers.

Fix Up Your Home To Sell

Another advantage to selling your home is to make sure that it looks appealing, both inside and out. Your home must exude curb appeal by manicuring the lawn, hedges, and bushes. Adding eye catching color with flowers that are in full bloom and that are strategically placed to be seen from the street, is always a plus. Make sure that your La Jolla home doesn’t have any paint cracking around the windows, doors, or driveway. Inspect your pool to make sure that there aren’t any leaks or cracks. For the interior, less is more. Box up much of your personal pictures, the kids toys, and knick-knacks, because people who view homes, often like to envision their own touches.

Advertise and Incentives To Sell

Taking interesting and best feature photos of your home and listing them on real estate web sites, local newspapers, and social web sites aides in getting potential buyers an arm chair look at your home with greater interest because they don’t have to leave home to view your home. Also, post your home for sale in the obvious manner of placing a “for sale” sign in the front yard, either by your realtor or on your own.

Even a simple sign will require some form of regulation, therefore check with your La Jolla neighborhood association or your real estate agent. Saving people money is always a guarantee to peak their interest in your property. Entice potential home buyers with attractive incentives, such as a year’s free landscaping maintenance, install a new TV, or put warranties on items like a water heater, pools, and appliances. Another very popular incentive is the option of paying closing costs or paying points on a mortgage to bring down the interest rate.

Selling your home in La Jolla will require a little extra work for you alone or you and your real estate agent. These tips plus a concentration on the right selling price will increase your chances of your home selling quickly. Using the right selling tools and/or the best real estate agent, can make your time on the selling market an easier experience and a more profitable transaction.

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