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In a La Jolla State of Mind

La Jolla State of Mind

What State of Mind Are You In?

There isn’t a day someone isn’t sitting on the beach, listening to the beach surf, and watching the sun set on the horizon. Sometimes words just don’t do justice for what we’re thinking. La Jolla has long been our seaside home and home to our fondest memories. From shopping in La Jolla Village to surfing along one of our beaches, the city has never failed to put us into a unique state of mind. It’s what makes California — specifically La Jolla — special. Something about the sky makes us empty our thoughts, and this case is no different.

Have Fun & Relax on La Jolla’s Beaches

Considered to be the “Jewel” of San Diego, La Jolla’s luxurious homes and upscale shopping is matched equally by amazing beachfront. From dramatic 300 foot sea cliffs to golden sand coves, there’s a stretch of sand waiting to leave you in a La Jolla state of mind. If you’re looking for a unique experience, there are a number of beaches that fit a variety of needs, which include:

  • La Jolla Shores: A mile-long beach perfect for the average beach-goer. It’s great for swimming and surfing, but also serves as a great point for scuba diving. At night, La Jolla shores comes alive with beach fires and young adults socializing.
  • La Jolla Cove: A special beach sheltered by towering cliffs, swimmers and snorkelers can discover a team of exotic ocean life. People love the Cove because surfboards and rafts of any kind aren’t allowed.
  • The Children’s Pool: Located close to downtown, this was originally a small beach area designed for children to swim in. Now it’s a protected area frequented by seals and sea lions looking to soak up the sun on some La Jolla sand.

Living in La Jolla

Our relaxed state of mind doesn’t only come from having fun on the beach, but also from knowing we have a great home that connects us to what we love. If you’ve been looking for a great home located on the beach so you can enjoy the water everyday, search our current home listings or feel free to contact us for our recommendations (click here).

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