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La Jolla Home Feature: The Master Suite

One drive past La Jolla Village and down the coastline towards Bird Rock and Lower Hermosa, you’ll probably spend a good time staring at the amazing beachfront homes lining the streets. From beautiful Mediterranean-style homes to decorative stucco, each home’s exterior will tantalize your senses. But the real beauty of the house comes from the interior.

La Jolla Master Bedroom

A lot of agents will say the bathroom and kitchen are the major selling points of each home, but in this edition of La Jolla Home Features, we’re going to be focusing on the master suite’s potential. As the main room for comfort and relaxation, we felt it deserved a little spotlight. But the real question is why the master suite is so important for buyers looking at La Jolla real estate.

La Jolla Master Bedroom

When you tour through a variety of homes, there are plenty of kitchens equipped with state-of-the-art appliances and feature cozy breakfast nooks that families can sit at for a causal morning coffee or meal. In the bathrooms, you’ll find luxurious amenities, ranging from Jacuzzi tubs to double vanities. However, it’s the master bedroom that makes you feel at home. The overall comfort and space for your bed helps you unwind. Breathtaking views of the ocean help you relax. Exquisite interior decor adds a refined touch to the room.

La Jolla Master Bedroom

In addition, the ability to customize the master suite to your tastes is why it’s so special. If you want to feel like you’re living in an English country estate, you can add a rustic fireplace near the bed and hang a traditional chandelier from the ceiling. With special trimming and decorative curtains, you’ll complete the idea. If you’ve been looking for something more contemporary, you can find a modern selection of furniture and design elements. Or if you want to fashion your room with a beach atmosphere, you can open the doors to the beach, add “sandy” decor, and incorporate lighter elements.

Whatever your dream is, you can make it reality in your master suite. And with La Jolla real estate, you have the room and options to make those dreams come true. To see what other homes offer in their master suites, check out our current home listings:

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