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    • New Coastal Listings & Recommended Opportunities: September 27

    New Coastal Listings & Recommended Opportunities: September 27

    Here are the new coastal listings and Ryan & Tracie’s best recommendations for September 27, 2013.  To check out comprehensive information on all currently listed San Diego homes please link to and stay current through the La Jolla Agent Facebook page:

    Ryan & Tracie’s Best Opportunities

    5039-47 Long Branch Avenue:,130047226
    • Awesome multi-family
    • Location, Location
    • Great unit mix
    • Premium investment 
    Further information: Link HERE
    Contact Ryan & Tracie
    5186 Pendleton:
    5186 Pendleton
    Pacific Beach
    • Ocean views
    • Dialed in remodel
    • 10,000 sf lot
    • Extremely private
    Further information: Link HERE
    Contact Ryan & Tracie
    Link here for market updates & neighborhood trends
    Congratulations to our clients that have completed recent successful transactions
    Sugarman Drive, La Jolla
    4 Bed | 2 Bath | $970,000
    Keeneland Row, La Jolla
    2 Bed | 2.5 Bath | $795,000
    Check out the latest coastal listings using the links below
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    La Jolla New Listings:,130050973,130051217,130051408,130051183,130051721,130050806,130051737,130051719,130050609,130051077,130051290,130051355,130050492,130051090,130051160,130051767,130050523,130050542,130050590,130051284,130049935,130048642,130029921,130037822,130041416,130050992,130045535,130049439
    La Jolla

    Link: 29 New Listings

    PB New Listings:,130051448,130051107,130050631,130050730,130051609,130050481,130050810,130050485,130051339,130051219,130050065,130048925
    Pacific Beach

    Link: 13 New Listings

    Del Mar New Listings:,130051419,130050617,130051452,130050724,130051084,130050610,130051202
    Del Mar

    Link: 8 New Listings

    Solana Beach New Listings:,130051419,130050617,130051452,130050724,130051084,130050610,130051202
    Solana Beach

    Link: 8 New Listings

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