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New Years Resolutions for Your Home

As the New Year is kicked off, many are scrambling to think up resolutions for 2014. Most of these resolutions focus on habits to support a healthier, more successful life. As you make your list of resolutions this year, consider some that can help you become a more responsible homeowner as well!

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Decrease Your Household’s Water Footprint

The average household uses 400 gallons of water a day, but there are many ways to decrease this. Indoors, install a low-flow showerhead. This will continue to provide great water pressure and comfortable showers but significantly decrease the water usage in your home. Outside, consider installing a sprinkler system with moisture monitoring to more efficiently water your lawn and garden.

Workout Through Home Improvements

While friends are getting buff at the gym, you could be improving your physique at home while completing DIY projects that add value to your property. Burn calories while laying durable ceramic tile in your bathroom or basement recreational area. Tone your muscles while repainting a bedroom or living room. Get a good cardio workout by mowing your lawn, raking leaves and spreading pine straw.

Get Organized and De-Clutter

If your home tends to be cluttered or messy, you may simply be lacking usable storage space. Consider installing cabinetry or other storage areas in your home. If you have a particularly small living area, make the most of available space by organizing with items like shoe organizers, which can be used for items as diverse as keys and electronics.

Minimize Energy Costs

Cut down on the cost of home ownership by minimizing your energy costs. To reduce air conditioning bills, make sure your current system is properly maintained. Replacing old systems with new, more efficient units can save some homeowners a lot of money and may also provide certain tax credits. Also, make sure your home and duct system is properly insulated for maximum efficiency.

Make Your Neighborhood a Better Place

Don’t forget that volunteering and getting involved in your community to make it a better place to live can have a positive effect on property values. Besides, doing good always makes you feel better. Volunteer with the neighborhood watch program, or start a community garden.

Improve In-Home Air Quality

Whether or not anyone living in your home has indoor allergies, the air quality there can have a profound effect on the inhabitants. Make sure your home’s ventilation system is up-to-date and effective, especially in the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry areas. Use low-VOC paint on walls indoors. Vacuum regularly using a vacuum with a HEPA filter, especially if you have pets.

Every new year holds promises. Rise to meet the coming year with the resolve to become a better homeowner. When you make positive changes, many good things can come your way.

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