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12 Tips For Selling Your La Jolla Home Before Christmas

Want to sell your La Jolla, CA home before Christmas? These 12 tips will get your home ready in 12 days. Your home is already highly sought after because of being located in Southern California. Now you just need to prove it to potential homebuyers by making your home as stunning as it can be. These tips will have it ready in no time at all and on the way to a sale!

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Day 1: Find an Agent & Learn About Marketing Strategy

Find an agent that is familiar with La Jolla as well as the type of home you have. Whether you are in a gold community or on the beach, the agent needs to be able to sell the home. Find out their marketing strategy to get it sold before Dec. 25.

Day 2: See What Your Home is Worth

Your home is worth something, so it is your job to determine how much. Don’t assume it is what you paid for the house. Look at what homes in your area have sold for recently, especially ones of the same size and style.

Day 3: Establish a Listing Price

The list price needs to be competitive while allowing room for negotiations. Determine the minimum price you will accept and then go up from there. Work with your Realtor for assistance.

Day 4: Make Needed Repairs

Repairs have to be made to make the home ready to move in. A handyman may have to be hired to address plumbing and electrical issues. Patch any holes in the walls and address structural issues, including a shaky banister.

Day 5: Clear Clutter from Every Room

Room by room, remove all personal belongings. This includes clothing, books, knick knacks, family photos and more. Box things up and store them in your garage or even in a storage unit. Avoid piling everything in closets as people will look here to see how space is used.

Day 6: Arrange Furniture in an Appealing Way

Furniture should be arranged so the rooms flow well. Remove extra chairs around the dining room table and ensure that the seating areas are cozy. Larger rooms should be divided to show how versatile they can be.

Day 7: Stage the Bathrooms

Try to get the bathrooms as white as possible. Work on soap scum and mildew in the tubs. Paint the walls, add artwork, and replace toilets and toilet seats that aren’t white.

Day 8: Stage the Kitchen

The kitchen should be wiped clean and odors should be removed. Keep one or two things on the counter to show how usable the kitchen is – like a toaster and a stand mixer or panini press. Remove all personal belongings.

Day 9: Enhance the Curb Appeal

The look of your home from the curb is important. Make a great impression by mowing the lawn, pressure washing the house and the driveway, and anything else that needs to be done to enhance the look and feel.

Day 10: Add Seasonal Touches

Christmas in California is a wonderful thing, so showcase this in your home. Burn scented candles, add a wreath to the front door, as well as a few other seasonal touches.

Day 11: Prepare & Host an Open House

Work with your Realtor on an open house. Market the event on social media. Offer food and drinks that are upscale. Ensure that you provide information about the home as well as the neighborhood. Remember that you are minutes from San Diego, so let people know that if they are not familiar with the area.

Day 12: Review Feedback

The feedback has to be reviewed if you did not get an offer. Learn about the negative comments made and look to make improvements. You can always host another open house, but you have to address the issues that prevented an offer from being made.

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