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The Value of Selling in La Jolla

sold homeEveryone loves coming to La Jolla for a vacation retreat on the beach. It’s why the city has been named the jewel of San Diego. The reputation alone is a unique selling point that convinces many people to move to the area. People love the exquisite lifestyle of dining along the ocean and living along private beaches. But with all the local value of living in La Jolla also comes a tremendous value in selling your home. Real estate is being bought up more quickly than ever. International guests fly over immediately just to make sure they get the house they love.

One Motivation to Sell: Upgrades

Who doesn’t like buying a bigger, better house? Maybe you’re ready to live on the beach rather than a couple blocks from it. Or maybe you need more space for entertaining. There are a hundred reasons you might have for wanting to sell your home and buy a better one. And you should. Local real estate trends show it’s becoming a “seller’s” market.

This means there are fewer homes on the market and tons of buyers on the hunt for the dream home. It’s the best time to make a profit on your home. Market values are stronger and you’ll have multiple buyers making offers on your property. The power of choice is in your hands rather than the buyers, since they have limited houses they can choose from.

Recently Sold Homes in La Jolla

To give you a quick snapshot of what other homeowners made by selling their home in La Jolla, here are a few recently sold homes:

1. 1310 Inspiration Dr, La Jolla, CA – 5 bedrooms, 5.5 baths – Sold for: $3,000,000 ($200,000 above value)

2. 303 Vista De La Playa, La Jolla, CA – 4 bedrooms, 4 baths – Sold for: $7,425,000 ($4,000,000 above value)

3. 6292 Camino De La Costa, La Jolla, CA – 7 bedrooms, 8.5 baths – Sold for: $15,000,000 ($3,000,000 above value)

Selling Your Home in La Jolla

As you can see from the snapshot above, homeowners are selling their home for above market value. They can later take the cash and use it for a home upgrade in La Jolla. Even properties further away from the beach are selling for a great price. Buyers are willing to pay asking price because the area has become a highly desired area. It has the quaintness of a hometown, but still has that city feel that everyone loves.

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