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Del Mar Heights – Del Mar, CA

Del Mar Heights Real Estate In Del Mar, CA |

Living in the Del Mar Heights neighborhood in Del Mar,  is an experience that is for anyone that wishes to live the good life. The low crime rates and superior schools offer a wonderful place to raise a family. The proximity to major entertainment and some of the best shopping around makes it even sweeter. The cool breeze from the ocean and the views make the night outside grilling sweet.

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Del Mar Heights Real Estate

The general architecture of the area offers predominantly a modern style. Many of the homes for sale are new constructions, with some offering extremely lavish living. There are homes that are older which cost significantly less, but the location does significantly affect the cost. It is well worth it though for the location and the living environment. Some of the older homes date back to the 1970’s, though most of them are fairly new. Almost all of them are unique to other areas and offer some seriously specialized perks. That’s because the homeowners have all updated their homes over the years to accommodate both the times and their family. Anything that someone could want can probably be found in Del Mar Heights.

Local Convenience To Work

Finding work in the area is one of the perks. Residents and anyone that wants to move into the area will find that living in Del Mar Heights will place them near some promising positions. The commute isn’t an issue either with major transportation systems in place in the neighborhood. The commute to and from several nearby cities is easy and allows people to spend more time where they want to be. In California, that is a huge issue that should be considered before buying any home. The quality of life is adversely affected by slow commute times. When you live in the Del Mar Heights neighborhood, you can get there and back easily.

Entertainment and Shopping

The close access to San Diego and other southern California cities offers excellent shopping and entertainment. Some of the best wedding destinations are just a short drive away. Nothing beats a special event near the beach.

Jogging, running or walking around the area is perfect if beach views are desirable. They offer the best exercise with a gentle cool breeze most of the time. With California’s weather, most days are sunny too.

Families can enjoy some great entertainment destinations nearby. Amusement parks and other fun places offer a great family day. The movies and other entertainment options for pool and bars also allow for a great night out. There are so many choices in eating out, that residents can eat at a different place every night and never have to cook for years to come.

Schools Near Del Mar Heights

The schools are some of the best in the nation as well. Both private religious schools and local community schools are available for lower education. Higher education options offer the University of California at San Diego and several other community college options as well.

The Del Mar Heights neighborhood is an upscale place to call home. The crime rate is low and the location is the biggest selling point in living there. Shopping and other excellent choices are all nearby, with an easy to navigate transportation system to help anyone living there make the most of the private time.

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