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Muirlands – La Jolla, CA

Muirlands Real Estate in La Jolla, CA |

Homes in the Muirlands are considered to be a collection of the most architectural diverse properties not easily defined in any other way than unusual luxury situated in beautiful settings that have the most amazing exterior designs. The Muirlands is an exclusive community with homes in fantastic settings and with phenomenal views. Homes feature grand designs and have unbelievable grounds, which rival almost every neighborhood in La Jolla. A variety of homes are found throughout the Muirlands with 1000 homes located in the neighborhood and some on a beautiful slope that gives an unparalleled view of the ocean.

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Exclusivity & World-Class Luxury

The Muirlands is one of the most desirable and exclusive neighborhoods in the San Diego area, and the homes are widely sought after almost everywhere in the country. Residents of this marvelous community claim that everything about it is the best: views, schools, shopping, and the beaches of the area. The homes are built with beauty in mind that cannot be found anywhere else. Many have beautiful guest cottages for visitors to enjoy the lifestyle of La Jolla which is a great town. La Jolla Village is a little closer and it has fine restaurants, and a relaxing atmosphere dotted with wonderful beaches and the best coffee shops. La Jolla Cove is even closer and it is ideal for safe swimming opportunities for children.

The Famous Naturalist John Muir Is Still Fondly Remembered

The neighborhood was named for the naturalist John Muir who was a beloved figure in the area as well as a renowned naturalist. The Muirlands represent his influence in the style of the homes and the landscaping, and his wonderful refurbished Spanish style home is in the neighborhood for people to enjoy.

Qualities that make Muirlands Great

The Muirlands is located minutes from the restaurants and boutiques of La Jolla. There is a collection of lovely restaurants offering a more informal as well as upscale dining. The atmosphere is wonderful. Surfers love to hang out in the Village. The Village and the Cove bring the small town life with a degree of elegant simplicity to the neighborhood of the Muirlands. The schools are known as the best in southern California. The shopping is exquisite and the variety of well-known designers is represented in every shop and boutique. Walking the streets of La Jolla is a visual experience unlike many other towns in America. There is a collection of grocery stores and specialty food markets throughout the area that will delight the lover of good cuisine and those who just enjoy cooking with specialty foods.

The experience of living near the ocean is unforgettable and unimaginable until it is experienced. This area is great to raise children in and expose them to beauty, nature, and the town life of luxury. It may very well inspire children to achieve high marks in their classwork knowing that a good education enabled the residents of the Muirlands to live there.

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