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University City – La Jolla, CA

La Jolla, California is known to the public for having a European atmosphere and southern California fun; it is also the home of University City. University City, is a beautiful neighborhood that is filled with countless of activities and surrounding deep blue ocean, which can be a dream for most. It consists of somewhat of a small community of less than 30,000 people. Within this diminutive community rests a beautiful and exquisite campus, the University of California. Adjacent to this campus rests captivating homes as large as up to 9,270 square feet on the market. The neighborhood of University City, is a great place to live and raise a family considering the current low crime rate.

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Architectural Styles

The homes listed on the market, surrounding University City, were built with the thought of providing quality homes to raise a family in. The homes consist of three or more spacious bedrooms, dining area, kitchen, over-sized bathrooms, and a back yard that is great for family gatherings or a place where your pet can run and play freely. Almost all of the houses have great views of the ocean and overlook the city. What these homes offer is a warm and safe environment for children, parents, grand-parents, and anyone who is considering a permanent stay in University City.

Local Amenities

The homes in this small town are surrounded by countless activities–there will never be a dull moment. There are art centers to attend, local clubs and bars, kids clubs, museums, karate for children, and so much more. San Diego is only twenty minutes away, and one can engage in more activities if they choose to have a getaway trip. There are local parks for children, and some neighborhoods have parks built within the community. In addition, there are a plethora of schools to register your child, such as Herbert Hoover High School, Rosa Parks Elementary School, Monroe Clark Middle School as well as other schools.

La Jolla also has a wide variety of colleges to choose from. As mentioned before, the University California is adjacent to the University City. Other universities and colleges that are in close proximity are the University of San Diego, Grossmont College that is available to the residents of La Jolla.

The Community Around University City

Purchasing a home in a small community such as the University City has many great perks. The beautiful homes of University City are built close together so that everyone can have the opportunity to build relationships. In a lot of ways, your neighbors and friends become your family as you share local events together and celebrate holidays.

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