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Upper Hermosa – La Jolla, CA

Located in La Jolla, CA, the Upper Hermosa neighborhood is not only a very beautiful place to visit, but it’s a place to call home. The hilly seaside of Upper Hermosa is what attracts many people to the neighborhood. Plus, they get to ¬†enjoy the ocean and the cool breeze while the sun is shining down with its radiance. Anyone that wants to live on the coast but away from the big city is going to realize that the Upper Hermosa area is the perfect place for them.

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The Benefits of Upper Hermosa

Being only 12 miles north of downtown San Diego makes the Upper Hermosa neighborhood a prime place to live. You get to enjoy the ocean on the west coast of the United States on beautiful hilly terrain but also have the luxury of having a big city so close. In San Diego there is something to do for everyone. Families can enjoy themselves at the San Diego Zoo and the arts in and all around the city offer entertainment at all times. In addition to this San Diego is home to Cal State University San Diego and University of California San Diego which make it a town to respect. The k-12 education system is outstanding and the community colleges have a high transfer rate. This makes the area appealing for families either raising small children or young adults.

The Community of Upper Hermosa

The community all sticks together and and promotes the well being of the area. If you love to be active in your community’s well being then the Upper Hermosa neighborhood is definitely a place you will love. Even if you do not get involved with the community, you can rest assured that at the end of the day your neighbors have your best interest in mind. This is a rewarding and appealing attribute about the La Jolla area, the fact that the locals continuously strive to make the area as best as possible.

The Conclusion of Upper Hermosa

Whether you want to retire or need a new move for your family the place to get that is in the Upper Hermosa neighborhood. Instead of only paying a visit to coastal locations get the experience of living in one of the best ones in the world. This area is surrounded on three sides by ocean bluffs and beaches. Invest into the well being of your future and life and enjoy yourself in the Upper Hermosa neighborhood.

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