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Pacific/Mission Beach Real Estate

A typical walk down Pacific/Mission beach will lead you to encounter numerous varieties of entertainment. Some may choose to rent a beach cruiser and bike from northern Pacific Beach and ride down the boardwalk along the beautiful beaches and see the restaurants, Wave House, Belmont park, and finally the Jetty with a view of dog beach. The beach is typically busy in spring and summer, with each lot of sand becoming precious real estate. The beach condos are a hot spot for tourists of all ages, some raging with college enthusiasm, and others stocking their beach side patio with surf boards, boogie boards, floaties, and other fun beach gear. As visitors leave their beach condo and cross the busy boardwalk full of roller skaters, bikers, joggers, and pedestrian traffic, they will massage the albino blonde sand beneath their toes and experience a world of serenity. With numerous surf spots, Pacific and Mission beach is known for it’s surf, but beware of the locals and their traditional “rules of the waves.” Kite boarding has become the new trendy activity, which takes advantage of the occasional windy days when waves are replaced with white caps of the blown over swells. No matter when you go to the beach, you are guaranteed to see some activity in the water, EVEN IN THE WINTER!! Aside from the water sports are annual sand castle competitions, boardwalk block parties, volleyball, horse shoes, bocce ball, and tons of exotic sun bathers. After a day at the beach, visitors dust off some sand at the energetic strip that is Garnet St. The Street is overflowing with bars, restaurants, pubs, and coffee houses.


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