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    La Jolla Elementary

    1111 Marine Street
    La Jolla, CA 92037
    Phone: 858-454-7196
    GreatSchools Report: 10 of 10 Report: 10 of 10

    La Jolla Elementary School (LJES) is one of three public elementary schools in the area, and part of the
    San Diego Unified School District. LJES prides itself on its diverse student population and rigorous,
    standards-based instruction. The school also has very active and involved parents. And, in 2008, LJES
    was named a California Distinguished School, a recognition given to only 5% of California schools.

    The school’s demanding curriculum is designed to help students meet California state standards in all
    subject areas. Literacy education is focused on helping students to understand and think critically about
    the books they read and to express their ideas both orally and in writing. LJES has also included an
    additional life science unit on oceanography, designed to bring about an awareness of ocean habitats
    and an understanding of environmental concerns for our oceans. Many field trips are planned to
    compliment both the science and social studies units.

    LJES has state of the art multimedia equipment in all classrooms and has increased the ratio of
    computers to students. All students receive computer instruction weekly, and technology is integrated
    daily into the curriculum at all grade levels.

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