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    La Jolla Presbyterian Church Preschool

    7715 Draper Avenue
    La Jolla, CA 92037
    Phone: (858) 454-2677
    GreatSchools Report: NR Report: NR

    School Overview:
    La Jolla Presbyterian Church Preschool is a Christ-centered, child oriented program of Christian
    nurturing. They offer half day preschool for children 2-5 years old. Children are grouped by age and are
    in session from 9am to noon. Parents are required to volunteer once a month in the Toddler Class.

    Accredited by the National Association from the Education of Young Children, the school meets the
    licensing requirements of the State of California, and closely mirrors the calendar of the San Diego City
    School District.

    Consistently seeking to make the school more than a nursery or child-care center – they very-much are a
    pre-school – while at the same time resisting to become too much like a kindergarten. The focal point of
    the preschool is their “desire to begin with each child where his/her interests lie and to create the kind
    of environment that encourages and stimulates discovery.”

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