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    La Jolla Preschool Academy

    6485 Cardeno Drive
    La Jolla, CA 92037
    Phone: (858) 454-8019
    GreatSchools Report: NR Report: NR

    School Overview:
    La Jolla Preschool Academy fosters the growth of each student by providing a safe and stimulating
    environment. Their tagline – a loving environment that fosters creativity in a nurturing atmosphere –
    goes hand in hand with their philosophy to develop the “whole child”-socially, emotionally,
    intellectually, creatively and physically.

    The programs at La Jolla Preschool Academy are based on the belief that growth is a sequential and
    orderly process. It is believed that children pass through stages of development which occur in
    predictable sequences. Staff at La Jolla Preschool Academy assists their students in attaining his/her
    fullest potential by “recognizing each stage of development and fashioning a curriculum that will nurture
    and facilitate growth during each stage.”

    At La Jolla Preschool Academy, the classrooms are filled with hands-on learning opportunities. The
    environment is fun; however, the emphasis is to build a strong self-esteem. Parent involvement is an
    integral part of their approach. Daily communication and newsletters are sent for parents to be able
    actively involved in their child’s program.

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