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La Jolla Utilities Guide: Water, Electric and Gas


The City of San Diego Public Utilities Department serves its 1.3 million residents with award winning clean water and a successfully managed, waste water treatment and disposable service. Due to the varied water delivering landscapes, La Jolla is a part of the complex San Diego water delivery branches. Water delivery for the La Jolla communities are served by the Bayview Reservoir system, which is a part of the City of San Diego Water Department. Raw water from the reservoir systems are treated at one of the three plans that pump water through hundreds of miles of pipelines. To save La Jolla residents money on their water bills, the San Diego County Water Department has instituted a recycled water and groundwater program that serves as its conservation water delivery system. All sewer problems are reported to the main telephone number of the San Diego Public Utilities Department – (619) 515-3525 or (619) 668-3232. This number can be called to report a sewer spill, a bad odor, manhole problems, permits and new connections.

9192 Topaz Way, San Diego | (858) 292-6300 | Website

Electric & Gas

The City of San Diego is responsible for energy services to the City of La Jolla. Through its Energy Conservation and Management Division and the Environmental Services Department, La Jolla residents receive sustainable energy programs. The Energy Conservation and Management Division believes in the future of energy, the continued conservation of the San Diego landscapes, cost savings to its residents, and the present energy systems. To begin residential and commercial electric services, they can be contacted, by the following:

9601 Ridgehaven Ct., San Diego | (858) 694-7000 | Website

 San Diego Gas and Electric Utility Company (SDG&E)

La Jolla residents are served by the San Diego Gas and Electric Utility Company (“SDG&E”), whose parent company is the award winning Fortune 500 energy conglomerate known as Sempra Energy. The SDG&G and the Southern California Gas Company, provides electrical and gas service to 3.4 million San Diegoian homes and businesses. To begin services, report problems, or to report any energy and gas anomylies, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, they can be contacted at the following numbers:

  • Residential: 1-800-411-7343
  • Business: 1-800-336-7343
  • 24 Hour Periods and Emergencies: 1-877-889-7343/1-800-611-7343

La Jolla Electric Company

La Jolla Electric Company is a specialized company which provides electrical and low voltage communication services to the military, schools, the La Jolla and San Diego government departments, and commercial/industrial facilities in La Jolla and the Southern California area. The La Jolla Electric Company employs the latest technology in electrical systems, but on a small business scale. La Jolla Electric can be contacted at the address below.

665 Opper Street, Escondido | (760) 747-7663 | Website

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