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    Little Steps Christian Preschool

    6551 Soledad Mountain Road
    La Jolla, CA 92037
    Phone: (858) 551-7780
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    School Overview:
    Little Steps Christian Preschool, part of the ministry of Mount Soledad Presbyterian Church, provides
    care for ages two months (infants) through 5-years old (pre-kindergarten).

    The school’s goal is to guide children in their spiritual and educational path, all while providing many
    concrete experiences that will help develop the foundational skills that lead to success in the later years.
    The focus is on Christian values and biblical principles that will transform children into learners, leaders
    and lovers of Christ.

    The school goes by the following: “Seeking to glorify God through Christ centered teaching, academic
    excellence, and Christian service all in a distinctly loving and nurturing environment.”

    With a parent/teacher partnership, program goals include:
    – Encouragement of the child’s awareness of the love of God
    – Develop love and respect for others
    – Encourage small and large motor skills
    – Help children learn good health habits
    – Stimulate curiosity and creativity
    – Develop a sense of responsibility
    – Foster independent problem solving skills
    – Provide an environment that fosters a sense of security

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