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Pacific Beach Information

Pacific Beach has a variety of attractions throughout it’s diverse geography, and is considered a popular location for people with an active lifestyle. The area is a popular destination because of the beautiful beaches, bay and luxurious mountainside views.
Northern Pacific Beach is nestled at the base of Mt. Soledad and is home to the vivacious Kate Sessions Park. The park is a popular spot for birthdays, sporting events, concerts, and the everyday dog walk.
Western Pacific Beach has a beautiful sandy coastline, with a booming boardwalk full of restaurants, shops, volleyball courts and Belmont Park. Belmont Park is a marvelous playground for kids of all ages, with a roller coaster and Pirates Cove, it’s pretty much a theme park on the beach. The stellar and scenic Crystal Pier stems off of the busy Garnet Avenue, which is a busy thoroughfare for nightlife and weekend activity.
South Pacific Beach is home to Sea World, Vacation Island, Paradise Point and rims the nautical dreamland of Mission Bay. The center of Mission Bay includes Fiesta Island and the perimeter is surrounded by many yacht clubs and recreation centers and is destined for year round for aquatic activities.
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We live in North Pacific Beach ourselves and know the market and lifestyle well.  Whether you are looking for a primary residence, second home or investment/vacation rental we can help break it all down for you.

It’s fairly easy to separate PB into five sections:  1. Crown Point 2. Mission Beach 3. Mission Bay  4. Central PB  5. North PB  

Most people tend to gravitate to one or two areas.  Some are more known for vacation rentals and others more for the locals.  While they all have their own feel they are no more than a 10 minute bike ride from each other.

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Let us know what your situation is and what you are looking for and we can refine you searches.  We can also provide more information on anything, just let us know!

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