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Point Loma Ocean Beach Information

Thank you for visiting my website. I see that you have been viewing some luxury homes in the Point Loma and Ocean Beach areas. Are you familiar with Point Loma and Ocean Beach and the various neighborhoods they have to offer?

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Point Loma and Ocean Beach are two adjacent zip codes on a southern peninsula of San Diego (Map of Point Loma & Ocean Beach – Click)

Ocean Beach (92107) is on the Northwest corner, and Point Loma (92106) surrounds Ocean Beach and makes up the rest of the peninsula. Ocean Beach has a dog beach on the north and a pier on the west. The community of Ocean Beach is very casual and laid back with a vibrant sense of eclectic creativity. The area has many beach condos, apartments, and some luxury homes. Point Loma is an established beach community with close proximity to the airport and downtown San Diego. The Cabrillo Monument is on the southern tip of Point Loma and commemorates Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, who landed in the San Diego Bay on September 28th 1542. On a clear day, Point Loma can provide some of the most breathtaking views over both the Pacific Ocean and bay. Although the majority of the real estate has many historical qualities, there are plenty of modern homes and options throughout the two zip codes. Here is Point Loma Market Information and Sales Statistics.

Point Loma and Ocean Beach both have a lot of history amongst their desirable beaches and surrounding hills. For more facts about Point Loma, click here Point Loma Facts.

Point Loma has great schools, if schools are a concern. For more information, visit
Point Loma & Ocean Beach Schools. Point Loma and Ocean Beach are part of San Diego Unified School District.

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If you want information on other luxury markets such as Del Mar,  La Jolla, Solana Beach or Rancho Santa Fe, please let me know.

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