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Pocket Listings and Off Market Homes

Image of Off Market HomesIn competitive markets with low inventory every advantage is critical.  We are actively involved and well networked in our local market which empowers us and our clients with critical information.  Just like buyers, who can take months to shop and learn the market, sellers will start the process of selling and putting the word out weeks or months before they ever list their home.  We are plugged into this grapevine and know about homes that are available for sale but not on the MLS for a number of reasons.  These could be new construction homes not completed, homes where they are waiting for a tenant to move, the relocation to be finalized or the school year to end. We are systematic and methodical about tracking these homes and staying in the know.  We also have a database of clients that we can cross reference when speaking to sellers.  This gives our clients, both buyers and sellers, a unique advantage.

Let us know what you are looking for and we can start working the grapevine to see what we can find for you.  Here is an article in the LA Times (click) about how Ryan Mathys and Tracie Kersten help their clients find homes in coastal San Diego that are not on the market.

We have the addresses and additional information for the options below, call or email us for more information @ 858-405-4004 , :


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