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    Stella Maris Academy

    Stella Maris Academy
    7654 Herschel Ave.
    La Jolla, CA 92037
    Phone: (858) 454-2461
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    School Overview:
    Stella Maris Academy is the Parochial School for Mary, Star of the Sea Catholic Church. Recipient of the
    coveted National Blue Ribbon award in 2005, the mission of the school is to “empower a community of
    diverse learners to achieve their God-given potential by providing a Christ-centered, academically
    excellent, and safe environment.”

    The academy fosters a supportive environment that balances high expectations with the respect for
    individual differences. They are committed to challenging students to become life-long learners, while
    developing a healthy attitude of personal value and self-worth.

    Through its courses and overall school philosophy, the Academy prepares students for “higher
    education, responsible citizenship, and moral integrity in an ever-changing world.”

    Stella Maris Academy’s has an active Outreach to the Poor programs, helping student to develop a
    moral sensitivity toward the poor by involving the students in many programs to benefit those in need.
    Students can participate in a variety of ways, including runs, food drives, and candy drives, to name a

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