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    The Childrens School

    The Childrens School
    2225 Torrey Pines Lane
    La Jolla, CA 92037
    Phone: (858) 454-0184
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    School Overview:
    The Childrens School is a 6-acre, co-ed private school, offering academic programs from toddlers to 8th

    grade. Their programming starts at Early Childhood, which includes a Parent Toddler Cooperative
    Program, Preschool Program and Prekindergarten Program. They also offer Elementary and The Nelson
    Middle Years Program, which is comprised of 6-8th grade.

    As a progressive school, The Childrens School offers students a richly engaging academic curriculum by
    teaching critical thinking skills, collaboration and problem solving. Their programs also strive to develop
    students socially, physically and artistically in addition to academically. The school’s students perform
    well on standardized tests, yet they focus on “hands-on, project based learning,” so kids don’t feel
    pressured or bored.

    Teachers at The Childrens School work to create joyful classrooms where students “feel confident in
    taking academic risks and free to develop socially,” while also understanding children “learn in different
    ways and flourish with individual guidance.” Their goal is to develop confident, knowledgeable learners
    who enjoy school.

    Founded in 1972, their academic curriculum teaches subjects – math, writing, reading, science, art,
    technology, music, social studies, literature, physical education and Spanish – woven together.

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