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    The Evans School

    The Evans School
    6510 La Jolla Scenic Drive South
    La Jolla, CA 92037
    Phone: (858) 459-2066
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    School Overview:
    The Evans School is dedicated to “fostering moral and mental development in each child, while
    preparing students physically, socially, and emotionally to become caring and productive citizens.” Its
    curriculum focuses on teaching children how to reason, write, comprehend, and work independently, as
    well as collaboratively.

    Founded in 1958, the school’s philosophy stems from its founder, Mrs. Rita Miller Baer, fondly known as
    “Mrs. B,” who sought to educate children on integrity, kindness, sincerity and respect, even more so
    than math, reading, science and history.

    Their traditional learning environment and small class size enable teachers to form a strong connection
    with each student. While they encourage academic excellence, the school strives for outstanding
    citizenship and mutual respect.

    Students in Junior Kindergarten through 3rd grade have academic classes with their homeroom teachers,
    while academic classes in grades 4-6 are departmentalized, providing students with a variety of teachers
    and styles.

    The New England style campus is located in the Muirlands residential area of La Jolla. Its main building,
    The Meeting House, is the center of the school, housing the library and auditorium, computer lab,
    offices, kitchen, infirmary, and The Homestead. Classrooms are adjacent to their grassy fields, used for
    both recess and sports.

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