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Why La Jolla is a Great Place To Live In

La Jolla is Spanish for “the jewel”, and it’s easy to see why such a name was given to this northern San Diego neighborhood. Set along the rocky hillside bluffs and sandy beaches of southern California, this jewel city boasts some of the most desirable ocean views in the city. It has gorgeous weather for most of the year which has attracted a vibrant, friendly community of people who have built a strong economy and thriving local culture for themselves. The luxurious real estate found in this town are a direct reflection of the thriving economic conditions of La Jolla.

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Town and Culture

With the median age being right in the mid 30s, La Jolla is a town with a young populace. As an affluent neighborhood, the strong local economy has developed a rich assortment of businesses and attractions. The economic prosperity of local businesses is well tended to with the La Jolla Community Planning Association and the La Jolla Town Council serving as just two examples of community based organizations looking out for the interests of the town’s commerce.


La Jolla’s school district is routinely considered among the better in the country, with reasonable class sizes and acclaimed teachers leading the next generation to excellence. The University of San Diego, CA is nearby, serving the community’s higher educational needs. Organizations such as the Stephen Birch Aquarium & Museum and Scripps Institution of Oceanography further contribute to the town’s high standards for intellectual pursuits as well as educational entertainment.

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Located along the Pacific coast line, and just fifteen minutes from down town San Diego, La Jolla boasts a wide variety of activities. World class beaches line the warm waters where aquatic sports such as scuba diving and boating are common pass-times. The Windsea Beach is particularly attractive to surfers and sun bathers while Torrey Pines Municipal Golf Course provides more laid back recreation for those who would rather stay dry. This is a neighborhood renowned for its shopping and high class restaurants in the Village, La Jolla’s downtown district.


Hosting a number of local events, La Jolla provides wonderful entertainment for its residents. The San Diego County Fair takes place in the summer. Lasting for several weeks, this event focuses on entertainment technology while offering games and great food. Haute La Jolla Nights is an event featuring live music and art to encourage residents to take advantage of the great discounts at local stores and restaurants. The bouTEAque event is a non profit day of shopping, tea and cookies to benefit children who are victims of traumatic events, demonstrating both the creativity and compassion typical of the town’s residents.

The Jewel of San Diego

La Jolla has well earned its nick name by being a bright spot amongst an already pleasant region. Whether talking about it’s fascinating local art scene and educational resources, or the neighborhood’s thriving economy and culture, this jewel by the sea stands out among San Diego neighborhoods as a choice locale in which to spend your time. Its warm weather, vibrant community and strong economy stand as a testament to the cultural treasure hidden by the sands of Southern California.

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