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Why Point Loma is a Great Place To Live In

Living In Point Loma:

If you are planning to relocate to Point Loma, California, be prepared to live in an historical, geological paradise. Point Loma contains over 660 acres of native species and the habitats for local marine plants, kelp forests, birds, migrating Blue Whales and a vast variety of other abundant sea life. Point Loma is a few miles west of San Diego and consists of five unique neighborhoods. The neighborhoods include:

  • Harbor Island
  • Liberty Station
  • Loma Heights
  • Midway District
  • Point Loma

The housing styles of Point Loma feature luxury mansions, multi-family homes, townhomes, condominiums and timeshares.

Point Loma CA Real Estate

Point Loma Parks:

As a peaceful seaside community, Point Loma is a jutted peninsula that borders the scenic beauty of the Pacific Ocean and San Diego Bay. It was designed with many natural parks that includes Cabrillo National Monument, Liberty Station NTC Park, Point Loma, Shelter Island Shoreline Park, and a variety of community parks. The parks contain museums and varied activities for the residents, as well as top chef dining areas.

Point Loma Education:

Many residential properties are located right on or close to the Point Loma coastlines. Point Loma is home to a top rated educational system, containing pre-schools, elementary, and a high school which connects with the neighborhood of Ocean Beach and Mission Hills.

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Point Loma’s Beautiful Communities:

The unique communities of Point Loma house residents of the nearby Naval Training Center, yachting enthusiasts and sport fishing hobbyists. Shelter Island connects with Point Loma via a causeway and is one of San Diego’s main boating centers. Residents enjoy summer concerts which features well known musicians, artists, and great comedy shows. The main attraction on Shelter Island is the encased “Friendship Bell,” which was a gift from Yokohama, Japan.

The oldest community of Point Loma is called Roseville and features its historical connection with early Portuguese tuna fishermen. A high and hilly subdivision of Roseville is Fleetridge which houses many multi-million dollar mansions. Another unique feature of Roseville are the names of its tree lined streets, which are named after famous authors. The authored street series extends into the Loma Portal neighborhood with alphabetical names beginning with Addison (Joseph) and ending with Zola (Emile).

The Midway neighborhood features a small residential community, surrounded by commercial and industrial businesses. Harbor Island is two miles of busy marinas, luxury hotel chains, and restaurants that feature an international menu. Residents enjoy jogging, walking, picnic, biking, and skating along its pathways with the San Diego skyline, the Coronado Island skyline and Big Bay right visible across the island. Harbor Islands claim to fame are the annual America’s Cup sailing tournaments and its winter Parade of Lights.

If you’re looking for beautiful sunrises over the Pacific Ocean, setting moon light with San Diego City across a rolling Bay and breaking surf, Point Loma is the healthy lifestyle that you’ve always dreamed of.

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